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Got Sexy?

  • Sexy is ... stimulating. Attract interest with imagery, color and design.
  • Sexy is ... sensual. Make a site that wants to be touched.
  • Sexy is ... shallow. Engagement comes from interaction, no­t reaction.

Sexy designs get more game. A quick first impression tells people whether to care about the words on the page. The job of graphic design is to bring attentive eyes in closer, to your content.

Got Smart?

  • "A confused mind always says 'No'" — so don't confuse your visitors.
  • A smart mind is open and able to say "yes!"­
  • The smarter your site, the smarter your visitors feel when they're there.

Say you're in a Big Box store. How does it feel when some smirking teen points out the sign you couldn't find for Digital Cameras?

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