Coding, Theming and Drupal

We are experts in coding for design and function.

Expertise is as expertise does. Computer technology is a moving target, and web-based technologies move faster still.  There are no certification programs for CSS browser compatibility, content management system configuration, or Drupal theming. You learn as you go, with the support of a worldwide community of developers and testers --- and even some hackers --- who push the capacities of current tools, explore their vulnerabilities, and create better ones.

We are daily participants in many online communities that define and extend the state of the art in web design and development. Our team of ex-Tech Scouts are still in college, with time and opportunity to explore the new and challenge the old. We work in the "sweet spot," choosing applications with a wide install base and an active community of support, but still evolving with current best practices.

We love Open Source.

Our preferred applications are all Open Source:  free to use but requiring back-end savvy and participation in the online communities that develop and support them. We know what these programs can do, and how to contact the people who wrote them if they don't do everything we need them to do.

  • Content Management: Drupal­
  • E-Commerce: Zen Cart, Drupal Uber-cart
  • Customer Relations Management: SugarCRM
  • Project Management: Active Collab
  • Course Management: Moodle
  • Custom Coding: PHP, Python

Custom Work

We strive for agility in custom application development. Our diverse coding subcontractors employ Chats,  RSS Feeds, Forums, Video Conferencing, and other tools for efficient teamwork at a distance. With collaboration in mind, they design and "comment" their work for those who come after.

Don't understand this page?

Just ask! And remember: We know the tech-talk --- so you don't have to!