Word and Image

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, it depends. Millions of images flash before our eyes every day, but they don't always stay with us. Sometimes the right words are worth a thousand pictures.

Thought experiment: You've seen TV ads with these slogans:

    • Just do it.
    • Don't leave home without it.
    • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. 

What is easier to remember --- the images, the plot, or the words? Sticky copy sticks in the mind, and shapes it. 

Are we saying words are more important than images? No. We're saying you need the best of both. Some people process information verbally, some people process it visually. In the well-designed website, the words and images harmonize. They're created together to convey one thing: your message. That's what we do.

Check out Bare Furniture as an example.

So, you want to write your own copy?

Why not? It's fun, and it's cheap, and it worked fine on your brochures! But there's more to web text than you learned in English 101. Work with us because:

#1 We get you readers.  

If you write great web copy and nobody sees it, is anyone around to care? Keyword-laden copy gets you found. We know what search engines look for in page copy, and what your customers type when they're looking for you. Your website is not a brochure --- you can't just leave it where you want it to be found. But we can make sure it will be.

#2 We make it snappy.

A brochure is a fixed cover-to-cover experience, but web surfers have more freedom. On the web, readers can scroll or not, click away or not, at any moment. They're in control. Once your site is found, you need to get your point across --- fast. We'll  make it snappy --- in both senses.

 #3 We know the web.

Websites offer options far beyond the tri-fold. In a way, a web surfer is the author of  a "build-your-own-brochure" adventure. This means you get to say far more online than on paper, if you keep presenting links to what your reader wants to know next. We'll make your web copy inter-active, inter-linked, and inter-esting.

#4 We get to know you.

Unlike highfalutin' agencies, Game Face takes a collaborative approach to whatever we do. For example, this page you're reading was written and revised --- the writer and the editor both had input, and the owner had the final say. If your website is your game face, the words need to be yours --- you get the last word.

As our collaborative client, we invite you to take first crack at any pages, to track the revisions the copy goes through, and make any changes. Or --- if you prefer --- we can interview you and run with it.

#4 We get to know your customers.

Your website is not about you. It's about the need your customer has and how you can fill it. Writing from a customer's perspective is very difficult to do, when it comes to your own business. The wise business owner hires outside their mind-box to make those connections.

#5 We know each other.

If your web designer is thinking golf, the graphic designer draws a baseball, the copywriter writes hockey, and the photographer shoots guys shooting hoops --- you've got a mess. (Especially if you wanted soccer.) That's why we communicate with you --- and with each other --- online and off.

We'll be straight with you, and give your customers your message their way. Straight.

If you mean what you say, work with Game Face to say what you mean.