Email Marketing

Are You On Their Scope?

emailmarketing_1.gifIt's one thing to draw visitors to your smart, sexy, sticky, speedy, searchable and spot-on website. Once you have them, you need to build a relationship. Done correctly, email marketing builds a solid relationship with your website visitors, turning them into repeat visitors and long-term customers. This puts you on their scope, and they will think of your company when it's time to buy.

Proper email marketing:

  • develops relationships
  • retains customers
  • builds sales
  • increases event attendance

A Sticky website is interactive. When a prospect or customer gives you their email address and agrees to be added to your email list, they are saying "I like you. Tell me more. Stay in touch. This subject interests me. Send me special offers. I want to do business with you." They are throwing you a football.

Catch it! The e-marketing copywriters at Game Face Web Design will make sure you don't fumble the ball.

Can't I Do This Myself?

Not so fast. There is an art and science to effective, legal email marketing. Done poorly, email marketing turns off customers and can even incur fines for spamming. Here are some of the obstacles:

Error #1: I can just send emails to my list using Outlook.

Fumble! No. Spam filters often block email with more than a few recipients or Blind Carbon Copy.  Game Face Web Design offers an ethical, permission-based email distribution system.

Error #2: It's OK to buy or borrow email lists.

Fumble! The Can Spam law carried hefty fines, but Game Face keeps your email marketing legal. We will show you simple ways to get qualified subscribers on your permission-based email list.

Error #3: We'll send out our company announcements and try to get readers to buy stuff.

Fumble! Studies have shown that e-newsletter readers want practical, how-to information. And some company announcements and specials and events are good too. Game Face is brimming with ideas for helpful articles no matter what your industry is. We can research, write, edit, syndicate, borrow or buy them for you. All in a colorful, snazzy HTML email that reflects well on your brand. (Simple text emails can be sent to subscribers who want them.)

Error #4: One size fits all.

Fumble! Don't send the same email to everyone on your list! Group your list by the readers' interests and demographics. We know the tactics to build effective campaigns.

Why risk dropping the ball? If you want to build relationships with your customers and prospects, call us.