Built-In SEO

SEO: Begin with the End in Mind

"Second job" backyard website-makers can fool you once; but when nobody finds your website on search engines and you don't make your money back, you're ready to get competitive with a full-service web design company like ours.

The expertise that goes into a site that makes you money starts with Search and asks:

How are people going to end up on your website in the first place?

Professional web designers know when to ask such questions (during the first consult) and how to apply them (to the graphic design, the page code, the navigation system and the copy writing).  We want you to know up front what you're up against:

  • What search terms people are using to find your competition;
  • How many pages link to them, and how important they were; and
  • What other strategies your competitors are using to get where they are.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Armed with preliminary research, we help you decide on the keywords we are going to craft your page design and copy around. You needed logical, spot-on keyword phrases that describe the content planned for your homepage, and for each landing page of your site. Finding the perfect keywords is essential for scoring big in the scramble for search engine rank. 

Once these terms are identified, your site is built around them, including:

  • Internal Linking – the menu items in your navigation and the text links that connect them will reinforce the keywords chosen for your search strategy.
  • Page Coding – We use rigorous external stylesheet coding to separate content and design, so that search spiders see only what we want them to see. Our due diligence in CSS coding is your competitive advantage.
  • Page Content – Expert web designers know that you need to pick your keywords before you even begin to map a site (design its “blueprint’) or plan its copy. Once you have the right keywords, your copywriting can reinforce the goal of getting you noticed in the search engines.

A quick glance at the page source of any web page will tell whether it was designed with Search in mind.  Planful site design,  skillful CSS coding, and in-sync copywriting are all part of "on-page" search engine optimization.  The "off-page" parts, like eMarketing, come after, when you've launched your site and can track the statistics.

Post-Launch Services