Design Consult

Brainstorms and Breakthroughs

Your first consult is usually a face-to-face meeting in our Uptown Kingston office, though sometimes we travel, and sometimes a phone call needs to serve. Our five goals for this meeting are:

  1. Ignite your creative fires
  2. Clarify your website goals
  3. Identify measurable outcomes
  4. Break through past obstacles
  5. Plan your next steps

We'll also ask some hard questions like these:

  • How should a website grow and support your business?
  • Who is the target audience for this site?
  • Have you thought about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • What is your budget for building, maintaining and promoting the site?

So then what?

We generally offer to write up structured notes at the end of our consults, at our hourly rate of $75.  If we cover a lot of ground, we might offer to write up a proposal. Because the proposal will serve as a valuable blueprint, each one requires fresh eyes and due diligence. We don't use a template, and we can't do it for free. We set a fee based on the time we expect it to take, and whether it needs to serve as a contract. 

One thing: You'll get the most bang for your buck if you don't wait too long after the consult to ask for the meeting notes. The consult generates heat --- creativity and enthusiasm --- as well as a host of possibilities in our minds that want writing down. We give our all to our clients.  Once you become our client you'll enjoy this consistent attention, which is our commitment to you. 

See what Game Face Web Design might propose for you!