Staying Competitive

Internet Marketing Services

To paraphrase Woody Allen, a website is like a shark: if it doesn't keep moving, it dies.  After we build and launch your site, our internet marketing services keep you moving forward. We can improve the volume--and quality--of traffic to your site.

Techniques to improve the return on your website investment.

Hits and Runs

No one uses the phone book anymore. For most industries, consumers find what they're looking for on search engines (like Google) and directories (like chamber of commerce websites). The old saw - "location, location, location" is just as true online---although it's search traffic, not street traffic, that determines the value of your real estate.

When visitors land on one of your pages, that's called a "hit" (even by those who are not prone to sports metaphors). Following that metaphor through, when the page makes them do something you want them to (read more, subscribe to your newsletter, buy something) we'll call that a "run". Do you know how many hits and runs you're getting from your website now?

When we build your site, we start with the end in mind: search engine results! However, once we launch your site, you get access to better information that can improve your game.. As your competitors are probably not going to stand still, take advantage of our monthly reporting services. These services prompt you to look at the statistics, adjust your tactics, and stay on top of your game.

Getting More Hits: Search Engine Management, PPC Advertising (Adwords)

Getting More Runs: eMarketing | Landing Page Design with Split Testing