Getting More Hits

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Getting More Hits
: Analytics Reporting | Search Engine Management | CPC Management

Getting More Runs: eMarketing | Page Redesign | A/B Split Testing

Getting More Hits

Two Options: Organic and Paid

You can swing your own bat:

  • Monitor your Organic Search returns with Analytics Reporting
  • Influence your returns with Linkbuilding (submitting listings to appropriate directories)
  • Influence your returns with Page Redesigns that reinforce the keywords and marketing that works best for you.
You can also pay a pinch hitter:
  • Paid Search listings (a.k.a "sponsored links" or Pay-Per-Click Advertising) which show up on the top or the right of the organic results, handled by our PPC Tarmac division;
  • Free and Paid listings in content-appropriate directories to improve your organic search AND send you direct hits.
  • Alternate Channel Advertising: whether designing display ads for print advertising, press releases for public relations,or scripts for radio commercials, a call to visit to your website should be prominent.

You can even pay a ghost writer:

  • Hire an eMarketer to create emails and newsletters people will want to stay subscribed to, and make it more likely they'll visit your page when they're ready to buy.

Improving Your Organic Search Results 

Game Face Web Design's hosting package includes on-demand site analytics that show (with graphs and ordered lists) who's coming to what pages on your site when from where.  More to the point, they show what search terms people used to find you, if they came from a search engine. 

The 'Long Tail' theory of search engine optimization says it's better to be on page one for a niche term than on page five for an obvious one.If you find you're getting hits from terms you didn't optimize for, you can tweak page copy and anchor text to rank higher for those terms.  Our Drupal-based sites let you log in to  change page copy, titles, images, and tags yourself (unless you'd rather hire your favorite teenager). We'll train you to do this, with illustrated manuals.

SEO Analytics Reporting

If all this analysis and tweaking seems burdensome while you're running your business, our monthly analytics reporting service guarantees you a regular report and analysis of your site traffic and search standing, plus a few recommendations for improving it (for a small additional cost).  If you're looking for low-cost, steady progress, use this service until it stops working.  At that point, we recommend a specialist who'll help you get faster results for a larger investment.

PPC/CPC Management Service: Call for quote

Paying for clicks isn't something you do in a vacuum.  The management of a Google CPC campaign, for example, requires:

  • Link id coding: tracking who came to your site from which ads, and whether those visits made you any money back; then changing your CPC campaign preferences accordingly;
  • Anchor text management: altering the phrases people click on to get to you based on what works;
  • Campaign allocations: monitoring the results from your different advertising investments, and changing their configurations to get the best returns;

We can add reports and recommendations for pay-per-click advertising to your monthly SEO reporting, if you would like our help. 

Whatever options you choose for monthly support, they are eventually going to require some changes to your pages to turn those hits into more runs. Keep your CPC in sync with the content on the landing pages on your site, so that you don't put out anchor text that says "Summer Specials" that link to a page which says "Spring Clearance Sale"!