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Getting More Runs

Landing Page Service

When we built your pages the first time around, our goal was to persuade people who are used to reading web pages to do what you want them to do. We used short paragraphs, subheads and bursts of content, and we added illustrations and photographs.  You liked them, we liked them, and we launched them. 

However, most artists can't revisit a painting or a poem without wanting to change something here or there.  If you're promoting a specific service at a specific time, you'll want people who search for that to click a link or and ad and land on the best possible page to convince them to connect to you!  This is called a Landing Page, and how it is designed determines your "conversion ratio" of hits to sales.  If you are paying for hits with Pay-Per-Click advertising, you'll want to track this ratio CLOSELY.

Is your landing page  the most persuasive, articulate, sexy and sticky work of genius it could possibly be? There's an interesting way to tell.  It's called "split testing" and involves changing designs and copy, and watching what happens with a new design.  Do more people find the page?  Do they spend more time on it? Do they click "contact us" more frequently after? And - is this enough of a difference to be statistically significant?

This YouTube video on Google Website Analyzer explains how split testing works. We use Drupal's own split testing tool, and again: if you would like to use it yourself to redesign pages, we'll train you with an illustrated manual.

If you might like us to perform a split test for a new design for one of your landing pages, call us. It's a great way to roll up sleeves and get serious about page design.  We look forward to doing more of it!

For more information about how our PPC Tarmac clients used this service in the landing page case study.

A Final Word

This is the most jargon-filled page on our site, and it may seem as if we are advocating stop-screen videotape analysis for backyard softball (oops, one more sports analogy crept in there).

Every business, to the degree it differs from competitors, will need different things from a website.  Whether these tactics are appropriate at your current level, or will be in five years, depends on you. 

If you're our client, you can count on having all the options appropriate to your goals, your budget, and whether or not you've got your Game Face on yet!