Working Together

Websites: A three-way street

designgoals.gifMost folks see web design as a process with a beginning (consults and  proposal), a middle (design, development and review), and an end (testing, approval, and launch).  However, web design should never be over - not if competition for traffic and sales is a concern. 

Whether you're having a site built or keeping it well maintained, you can "let the pros take care of it" (and bill when done) or stay active (keep checking in, buying in, making decisions). We prefer our clients take the latter course. But not all of our clients have the time or computer skills to be as active as we like.

In-Sourcing Help

If you would like to participate fully in the design and development your "web Game Face", we suggest bringing your stakeholders (customers, employees, friends) to the design table, and we'll help structure the review process if you like. During the design process we'll invite you to use our online project management system to upload, download and review files, making comments and adjusting tasks.

However, not everyone is as fond of computers or fast at learning new applications as we are. Knowing this, we advocate for the involvement of young people who can serve as trainers and communicators. Our affiliate Tech Scouts program provides low-cost support to help clients be more involved in the work. We call this local labor "in-sourcing".

If you are fortunate enough to have a family member or friend with a tech-savvy young person in tow, let our Tech Scout train your intern. You get a cost-effective technical liaison. They get valuable new skills. We get a much smoother and more accountable project process - and perhaps a Tech Scout when it's over! It's a win-win-win.

How do we complete work?

  • Testing. Once the content and pages are in position, it's time to test the site. If you have an online store, or there is other coding involved, we run through every possible path (click every link, and do everything your customers will do), with the same due diligence you give your own work.
  • Approval. Your approval and sign-off are required (in an e-mail, at minimum) before we let the public see your new site. We strongly recommend you bring in employees, friends, and other stakeholders before you give us the green light. Once it's launched, it's launched: You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Lets do Launch.. Your new site --- your Game Face --- is out there on the World Wide Web, and you can watch the search terms build and the page traffic climb.

The Launch: the End --- and the Beginning

Our contract may be finished, but your site's just getting started. It takes a few months for search engine results to catch up, and during that time, the pattern of search term use and customer behavior on the site can be tracked and analyzed to provide clear direction for the post-launch services we call TurnkeyPlus.