Redesign Analysis

If you come to us with a site for redesign,  we will discuss its obvious warning signs with you in our consult.  If you request a proposal, we may analyze these issues more deeply, and compare your site against those of competitors.  We charge by the hour for proposal writing because so much is unique to each site, and our analysis has value.  To minimize this cost, we take only as long as we require to outline a game plan, establish deliverables, and draft a budget you can trust.

Sometimes, however, a more in-depth analysis may be called for.  That's when we'll call up an ace from our bull-pen.

As a proposal component or a stand-alone service, an in-depth site critique is a rigorous inspection by a scrutinizing eye and a sensitive soul primed to pick up the nuances that make the difference between a sale and a sayonara. 

  • Does your site present the right image? Does it look clean, professional, and up to date? Maybe you need something more personal, quirky, or graphically cutting edge?
  • Does the text message of your site match the visual message? We'll check for signs of 'split personality'.
  • Does your site guide your visitors to the right destinations---the content they want, and the place you want them to end up---or does it confound their expectations?
  • Does your site navigation present logical, consistent and intuitive links, or are they frustrating or cryptic?

An in-depth redesign analysis will help you fine-focus on the human factors that influence how users respond to your current site---and how that can be improved---before the first brush of digital paint hits the virtual canvas.  We'll help ensure that your new site is user friendly and owner friendly, so that it will meet everyone's needs - intuitively and unobtrusively.

Game Face offers this service as a component of redesign proposals for sites that are sufficiently well developed to warrant such an in-depth look.  However, we can also provide it as a stand-alone report, courtesy of our team member, Paul Solomon.