The Six S-Words

Study the Six S-Words of Web Design and GET YOUR 'S' IN GEAR!

Each of these words links to a page that can help you focus your objectives as you develop a web redesign plan.

  1. Search is about getting into the game. If people who need you don’t find you, what you’ve got on your site doesn’t matter. Choose your search keywords with research and savvy, and build pages and links around them.
  2. Sexy is about images-—It's the girl in the bikini beside the sports car…Even if you can't drive, you want the sports car!
  3. Sticky is about getting more flies with honey than with pictures of honey. Let folks taste your honey with smart, interactive features and content (copy) they will value and link to!
  4. Speedy is something you notice when it's missing. Competitive sites have a need for speed. Give the people what they want -- before they click on the next site down!
  5. Smart is about the menus and "information architecture" of your site. If people don't feel smart when they try to find what they want on your site, they might not trust themselves to decide to buy it even if they succeed after a while!
  6. Spot-On is about how all the elements of your pages (layout, images, text, even navigation) need to point people to the thing they came for. When visitors come to your site looking for a banana, don't show them the whole fruit bowl! That's why Landing Pages are so important when you take out PPC ads.

Get Out The Flash Cards

If this quick list of definitions doesn't do it for you, please click on each word to for a more in-depth explanation. These words are our contract with you - if your current website doesn't measure up to each of them yet, it will by the time we're done with it.

Full Discosure: We confess that not every website in our Site Gallery measures up to each of these words yet - some clients needed to cut costs in various ways, and preferred a quesadilla to the full enchilada. Whether you're dining a la carte or prix fixe, we want you to understand what's on the menu.


If you don't have a website yet, this page may be about as much as you can swallow. Schedule a free consult with us, and we'll help you decide what you're hungry for.

If you're in the market for a web site redesign, however, try an appetizer! Our chef recommends you print out our Web Warning Signs page, and look your site over as you work your way down.