Got Search?

  • If you don't score, you can't win. A sticky, sexy site goes nowhere if nobody finds it.
  • First: choose keywords with care, with an eye on search engines.
  • Then: design pages around them, ­with an eye to how web users think.

Don't play hide and seek with your clients. Play "race to the top" with your Google competitors instead.

Remember: if clients find what they're looking for somewhere else first, the game's over. Use smart search strategies — and be their first pick.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)­

Know - and design for - the search terms that people use when looking for your products or services. Finding the perfect keywords is essential for scoring big in the scramble for search engine position. Game Face can get you into position early by incorporating outcomes-based design and content onto your pages (this is called "search engine optimization"). Once play begins, we track results and suggest improvements with a monthly SEO Service, tweaking pages and marketing them to build links.

How do you move up in the batting order?
The Big Three

  1. ­On-Page Coding – We are masters of external CSS and clean HTML code, ensuring that search spiders see what you want them to see. Our due coding diligence gives you a competitive advantage!
  2. On-Page Content – We encourage you to pick your keywords before you even begin to map a site (design its “blueprint’) or plan its copy. Keyword-savvy navigation and clear, focused content help you show up for people at the very moment they are looking for you. How great is that?
  3. Off-Page Linkbuilding­ – Even with the best keywords and best on-page SEO, if you don't have people linking to you, your competitors will show up on top and your prospects will click on them first.

It takes concerted effort over time to get on top, and stay on top. Game Face Web Design's monthly SEM Service monitors the search statistics for your site and its keywords, making recommendations for keeping your meta-tags fresh, your content well-positioned, and your Google PageRank growing.