Got Sexy?

  • Sexy is ... stimulating. Attract interest with imagery, color and design.
  • Sexy is ... sensual. Make a site that wants to be touched.
  • Sexy is ... shallow. Engagement comes from interaction, no­t reaction.

Sexy designs get more game. A quick first impression tells people whether to care about the words on the page. The job of graphic design is to bring attentive eyes in closer, to your content. If the content matches the images, sexy becomes sticky.

Sexy Landings

The "landing page" is the first page that visitors see when they come to your site. All landing pages are not necessarily home pages, and you can have many - if you design, market for and maintain them. If you offer more than one product to more than one market, advertise to get people to a page designed just for them first:

  • If your email campaign offers free consults, have a "free consult page" and link to it directly.
  • If you serve both buyers and sellers, have two domain names and point them to different pages.
  • If your display ad features hot rock massages, promote the URL "".

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

The purpose of a landing page (and the home page most of all) is to convince visitors that they should click on something. Every landing page should have a specific goal, although that can change with a marketing timetable. If you are promoting glow-in-the-dark plastic slippers this month, feature one on your home page! A plant nursery in October should re-think the blooming Forsythia - even if yellow goes well with their logo.

If your landing pages are not attractive, you lose attention. If that first graphic instant does not reinforce relevant content, you lose credibility. In either case, your landing page fails. A failed landing page effectively locks the door to the rest of your site - your online catalog, you "contact us" page, and/or whatever else is going to generate buzz and some return on your web investment.

Possibility is more enticing than limitation.

Rather than dump your entire site's content on first visit, be selective about your home page offerings. It is better to say less, say it well, and be mysterious than to say too much and make eyeballs bleary.