Got Smart?

  • "A confused mind always says 'No'" — so don't confuse your visitors.
  • A smart mind is open and able to say "yes!"­
  • The smarter your site, the smarter your visitors feel when they're there.

Say you're in a Big Box store. How does it feel when some smirking teen points out the sign you couldn't find for Digital Cameras?

Don't be so busy—or "creative"-- that you stress out your website visitors. Most web users click around before they settle in to read. If they don't trust the site, they won't stick with it. . Orient your visitors swiftly with clear menus and site structure.

Smart Sites: The Human Factor

Visitors who come to your website looking for something they need expect to find it easily if it's there. If they're returning, they expect to be able to use your site menus to find it again. If they are frustrated, that frustration sticks to you.

To draw more on baseball metaphors, prospects on your landing page are your chances at bat. If they click one of your links, that's a hit! But you don't score until they find home plate, whatever that is for you. Running prospects through the bases of your navigation system is the game of "smart sites".

How does Game Face make sites smarter?

  • Germane Graphics – You can visualize information in a lot of different ways. Our Graphic Design Team will help you find the freshest, most effective way to present your images, graphs, and other visuals that match your site design. Check out our baseball and golf diagrams. They're simple, effective diagrams that are easy on the eye.
  • Digestible Digests – Our copywriters aren’t looking for every word they can possibly use — just the best ones. Web readers don’t like to read treatises online. They want short, easily digested bursts of interesting and relevant information. That’s what we give them. For more on that, read our copywriting page.