Got Speed?

  • Competitive sites­ need speed..
  • Slow sites get skipped.
  • Give 'em what they want – fast!

Don't let them leave in a huff. If they have to wait for your page to load, some folks (the patient types) may decide to check their e-mail, send an instant message or two...and forget why they were looking for you.

Or, they might just click the "back" button aand go to the next site down in their search results — your competitors!

Flash Movies Only a Mother Could Love!

Most computer users have a love-hate relationship with screens. We love to browse the web, but only while we're "in the zone" - getting what we want fast enough, before we get bored or our eyes start to hurt. We like to be visually entertained, but we hate to wait for it. Here's a line on the right of the spectrum:

Tired, bored eyes will not read your words.

Impatient mice will not wait for your movie.

Competitive websites need high quality images. All text and no image makes dull scrimmage! But they have a need for SPEED. You'll strike this balance differently, depending on how likely your prospects are to have high-speed Internet, up-to-date machines, big screens, and a preference for Proust or pulp fiction.

Audio, video and gizmos can make the difference between sexy and sleepy. But it takes expert coding and image optimization to avoid long-loading pages that people on dialup will never wait long enough to see.

Enough said.