Spot-On Page Design

Got Banana?

  • Design for sales. If they're looking f­or a banana, hand them a banana.
  • Don't hand them the whole fruit bowl!
  • After they get their banana, show them what else you got.

Landing pages (see Sexy) should give visitors what they want: immediately, obviously, and attractively. Know your customers. Design your web pages to their needs. If the first message a client gets from your site is, "They've got what I want!", you're in business.

Got...Banana? Visitors Don’t Take Long to Decide

In case you're asking, "Why the banana?", we confess this one came from web marketing guru Seth Godin, who wrote, in The Big Red Fez:

­Monkeys want to know one thing: Where's the banana?
If the banana isn't easy to see and easy to get, the monkey is as good as gone.

Even though you don't sell bananas and monkeys don't browse the Internet, you can still give your visitors something with appeal--provided you know:

  1. Who’s your target audience for the landing page? (Do your SEO!)
  2. What are they looking for? (Show a picture or big bullets!)
  3. What do you want them to do? (an email, a newsletter subscription, a purchase?)
  4. How will you ask for it? (an email link, a subscription form, an "add to cart" button?)
  5. What else might they want to see next? (Show a link! Don't hide it in a drop-down menu.)

Keep your website evolving in pace with your offerings and market. Think like your customers. Give them what they need, upfront and fast.