Got Stick?

  • You attract more flies with honey.
  • You attract even more with flypaper.
  • Give folks something to stick around for!

Sticky Sites invite visitors interaction. The longer people "stick around," the more likely they are to get your message. Great copywriting and interesting, useful, updated content are an ongoing expense - but so is a rubber website that people "bounce" off of. Which would you rather have?

So, give readers a reason to take time! They might even want to stay connected - by downloading a PDF, subscribing to a blog, sending an email, or even ... buying something!

Coffee exposed!
What the industry doesn’t want you to know.

As long as there are newspapers there will be eye-popping headlines to stop you on the sidewalk and pull coins from your pockets. But hot headlines aren't enough - a website needs the content to back them up. That's why flowers offer pollen to bees, of course: give them something they want, and they'll stick around long enough to give you what YOU want.

Does your stickiness strategy rely on nectar or flypaper?

Websites sometimes pull "bait and switch" routines, like carnivorous plants that advertise color and nectar but offer glue and death. Some sites do this without realizing it; when someone focuses long enough to read and is disappointed, the betrayal is not taken lightly.

Captivate with Copy, or Bore with Brochureware

"Brochureware" is a derisive term for websites that do not invite interaction or engagement. Like a free template download from Yahoo, these sites appeal to everyone and no one. No copywriter spiced up their corporate palaver; no graphic designer branded the design. People don't stay long and don't visit them twice.

If you've ever handed a webmaster your brochure and said, "make me a site from this," that's what you got. Chances are you never changed anything afterwards, except maybe adding a new employee, phone number, or link to some driving directions.

Sticky websites are interactive.

It's not too late! To have a sticky site, you’ve got to do more than show pictures of honey – you’ve got to have real honey people want to get stuck in. Create interactive features and make your site a place visitors want to bookmark and come back to again and again. If your content inspires people to link to you, your site comes up higher in search engine results.