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Working with Game Face

"As a three-year customer, I have the utmost confidence in the Game Face team, as well as their chief technology, Drupal. Our previous site had been built on a proprietary system, bound to the whims of a company whose dedication to customer service took a nose dive when our last big check was cashed. I was reassured by the size of the community.

Proposal and Workplan

Every Proposal is Unique

When we have enough to go on, we develop a proposal, workplan and budget designed to fit your budget and needs, with options you can take on or postpone.  This document includes an articulation of goals, strategies, and technologies, and a work plan that states what we propose to provide by when, and how much it should cost.

Working Together

Websites: A three-way street

designgoals.gifMost folks see web design as a process with a beginning (consults and  proposal), a middle (design, development and review), and an end (testing, approval, and launch).  However, web design should never be over - not if competition for traffic and sales is a concern. 

Design Consult

Brainstorms and Breakthroughs

Your first consult is usually a face-to-face meeting in our Uptown Kingston office, though sometimes we travel, and sometimes a phone call needs to serve. Our five goals for this meeting are:

  1. Ignite your creative fires
  2. Clarify your website goals
  3. Identify measurable outcomes
  4. Break through past obstacles
  5. Plan your next steps

We'll also ask some hard questions like these:

Graphic Design

Chances are you know someone who makes brochures on the side (or even as their day job).  But not all graphic designers can design for the web.   When a client hands us a brochure and says, "make a web page that looks exactly like this," we can do it --- and we will, if we must.  But the power of print design, where the page size, paper type, available fonts, and ink consistency are under the designer's control, can be lost on the web.

Web Photography

Great Photos Make Great Websites

Web designers and photographe­r­s make a great team.  A website tells a story w­ith photos long before people get down to reading the text (or don't).

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