Turnkey Plus: Post Launch

turn_key_1.jpgTurnkey Web Development

Turnkey Websites are those you can update and manage yourself, without needing a webmaster who knows HTML and other esoteric things. The technical name for turnkey sites is Content Management Systems (CMS) and the CMS we use is called Drupal.

With Drupal, you can log in and change text, upload pictures, even add items to your menus.  You can assign roles to people in your company so that they create pages, but you decide when to publish them.  You can even go back to a previous revision of a page if you don't like where your inspiration took you one evening.

At Game Face, when we turn over the keys on a CMS, you will have a site that is easy (and maybe even fun) to update on your own.

  • If you are a computer ace, we'll make sure you know how to maneuver your CMS before we flip you the keys. 

  • If you come to us knowing nothing about computers, we'll train someone in your company (or a young person you know) to be your driver, and take your site where it needs to go.

If this is Turnkey, What's the Plus?

A Site Launch (including any agreed-upon post-testing) marks the end of the site design project, and the beginning of a maintenance relationship.  As needed, there will be  requests for technical support as new features are desired or new staff need training. Also, we'll be around to help you network with our other clients for B2B exchanges of services and leads, and collaboration on shared projects.

However, we also offer you Marketing Services to help ensure the return on your investment:

  • Search Engine Marketing: Analyzing your search statistics, helping you rank higher with linkbuilding, pay-per-click advertising, and modifications to copy and coding.

  • Spot-On Redesign: Analyzing the behavior of site visitors, helping you capture more clients with copy and design modifications, and employing A/B Split Testing to track results.

These services are key if you are competing locally or globally for clients.   Ask us about them!